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Paradox is a non-selective herbicide with PARAQUAT active ingredient.  It is recommended for application in post-emergence of weeds in various annual and perennial crops. It controls broad spectrum of broadleaf and grass, with a distinct advantage in its rapid speed of action.  Sinon has been manufacturing Paradox and supplying the global market for over 30 years.


  • Rapid results
  • Flexibility of use
  • Resistant to rain, within minutes after its application
  • Biologically inactive upon contact with the earth
  • Ideal for deciccation in no-till planting's ground preparation and post-emergence of weeds.
Composition/Concentration Paraquat 200g/L or 20% m/v
Class Herbicide
Chemical Group Bipiridilio
Formulation Type Soluble Concentrate
Toxicology Class I - Extremamente tóxico

12  x  1 L

  4  x  5 L

  1  x  20 L


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